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4 Jaw-Dropping Statistics on Staging Your Home Before You Sell It (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted by Rhonda on November 13, 2018
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When you’re selling your home in Knoxville, your Realtor® will explain how important home staging is.

But what is it, and why do you need to do it?

What is Home Staging?

Your home needs to look its best so potential buyers can see why they should make an offer. Staging is how you show people how beautiful (and useful) your home really is; it lets buyers envision a purpose for each room—and better yet, it shows them your home’s potential.

Home Staging is an Investment You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Homes that are properly staged sell faster (and for more money) than homes that aren’t staged. Many sellers are able to turn good home staging into a bidding war between buyers, because staged homes show much better than their counterparts—even when the homes feature the same floor plans and amenities.

Statistically, the cost of staging comes back to the seller at the closing table.

What the National Association of Realtors® Says About Home Staging


The National Association of Realtors compiles data on home-selling and home-buying statistics each year. Their most recent findings: Only 34 percent of Realtors® stage all the homes they sell. That means the remaining 66 percent of Realtors are leaving money on the table… but it’s not their money; it’s their clients’ money.

Here’s what else NAR found:

  • 81 percent of buyers find it easier to visualize a property as a future home when it’s staged.
  • 45 percent of buyers say that they get a more favorable impression of a home if it’s decorated appropriately.
  • 28 percent of buyers are more willing to overlook faults in a home if it’s staged properly.
  • 90 percent of Realtors say that staged homes increase the dollar value that buyers are willing to offer for a home, which can be up to 15 percent more than they’d offer in a home that wasn’t staged.

Buyers say the most important rooms sellers should stage are, in this order:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Bathroom
  • Kids’ bedrooms
  • Guest bedrooms

The National Association of Realtors also found that the average cost to stage a home is $675. Because home staging can translate into big bucks when you sell your home, it makes sense to invest in it—and to work with a Realtor who understands its importance and who can give you expert tips to make it happen.

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