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INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Knoxville Home-Seller’s Checklist for Closing Day

Posted by Rhonda on March 24, 2017
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Ultimate Home Seller Checklist - Sell Your Home in Knoxville

If you’re selling a home in Knoxville or any of the surrounding communities, you have a lot on your mind—and it can be tremendously helpful to have a handy checklist of things to do as closing day approaches to keep yourself on-track.

The Ultimate Knoxville Home-Seller’s Closing Checklist

Once you’ve accepted an offer and you’re waiting for your closing date, you can spring into action to prepare yourself (and your home) for the end of the transaction. Your Knoxville real estate expert will remind you of things you need to do, but you can start on this home-seller checklist whenever you’re ready.

First things first: Keep all your closing documents together. You never know when you’re going to need them.

From there:

  • Clean the house. You can hire a pro if you don’t have the time—or the inclination—to do it yourself.
  • Close all the valves, including water and gas sources. (Let the buyers know, though, so they don’t have to call a plumber when they can’t turn on the water!)
  • Be there for the final walk-through. The buyer may have questions, and you can point out important information.
  • Cancel your insurance. You should wait until the deed is recorded, though, just to be safe. You might even get a refund from prepaid premiums.
  • Call the utility companies and have everything turned off or transferred.
  • Leave the house keys, garage door openers, and other devices that the new owners will need in a kitchen drawer.
  • Stack up all the appliance manuals, warranty documents, and other paperwork, and stash everything in the same drawer you put the keys into.
  • Do one final sweep to check for anything you may have left.
  • Close all the windows, shut off the lights, and make sure you lock the door when you leave.

Are You Selling a Home in Knoxville?

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