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Let’s Talk About Home Staging

Posted by Rhonda on March 27, 2017
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Home staging.

You’ve heard the term from your Knoxville Realtor®, and you know it’s something you need to do… but just how much work is it, and is it worth it?

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the final step in preparing your home to sell. You’ve already cleaned, decluttered, and repainted, so now it’s time to make your home even more appealing to potential buyers.

That’s where staging comes in.

Staging really pays off, too. It can help your home sell closer to list price than it would’ve otherwise, and it shows buyers how much potential the house has—and that means it’s more likely to sell faster, too.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional Home Stager?

You don’t have to hire a professional home stager, although you certainly can. In some homes, it’s the right choice. You and your Realtor can have that discussion when the time comes.

If you decide to take a DIY approach to home staging, check out some of the experts’ secrets you can use to your advantage:

  • Float your furniture. Not magically, of course; in the design world, this means pulling your furniture away from the walls. If you can spare a foot between the wall and the sofa, do it!
  • Display decorative items in odd numbers, from paintings to sculptures.
  • Use soft fabrics anywhere possible. Think silks, satin, and plushes.
  • Draw attention to the areas you want to highlight by adding something unique, like an antique or oddity (but not too odd; you don’t want to scare off buyers).
  • Add flowers wherever possible, and put a fresh fruit basket on the kitchen counter.
  • Turn a catch-all room into an official bedroom by putting in an inflatable bed and dressing it as if it was a permanent fixture.
  • Find a great throw rug or area rug and use it to pull your living room furniture together.
  • Add lighting wherever possible—even a standing floor lamp will do.
  • Make your bathrooms look like miniature spas by adding towels tied with ribbons, scented soaps, and luxurious lotions.

Are You Selling a Home in Knoxville?

If you’re selling a home in Knoxville, we can help. We’ll be happy to give you a free comparative market analysis so you know how much your house is worth, walk you through the basics of staging, and put your home in front of all the right buyers.

Call us at 865-368-5150 or send us an email — we’d love to talk to you!

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