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What Separates Good Real Estate Brokers From GREAT Real Estate Brokers?

Posted by Rhonda on October 15, 2018
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What makes agents different?

Here’s how Realty Executives wins that challenge, hands-down!

Realty Executives has more ‘long-term’ agents than any other company in Knoxville.

I bet you’re wondering why.

It’s because our company doesn’t have the bureaucracy or layers and layers of management that other brokerages do. Those things only slow down the process, and ultimately, they hurt clients. At Realty Executives, agents get the freedom they need to get things done for their clients.

Time is of the Essence

In our business, everything is time-sensitive. In fact, you’ll likely hear your Realtor® say, probably more than once, “Time is of the essence.” The Knoxville real estate market moves quickly, and a good Realtor knows that her clients deserve to sell quickly and at the right price, or to purchase the right home at the right price.

Because every minute counts in real estate, especially when you’re selling your home, the bureaucracy and red tape at other brokerages can cause big problems for buyers and sellers – including how long it takes to get listings on the market and how long it can take to pull together advertising so real estate listings get in front of the right eyes.

That’s not a problem at Realty Executives.

Realty Executives only hires the best in the business. Only savvy agents who know the business well – and who know what they are doing out in the field every day – need apply.

Many brokers will invest money into lots and lots of training so they can hire brand-new agents who have just finished the real estate licensing course.

That’s not what Realty Executives does. Instead, they’re waiting for those new agents to learn the ropes, sell several homes, and then welcome them aboard once they’ve been tested and proven to be a valuable asset to clients. Realty Executives’ philosophy is that there’s nothing more valuable than day-in and day-out experience with hands-on training.

A real estate agent’s job is to sell homes, not to be trained beyond capacity of performing. They have a very powerful franchise with all the tools needed, but agents can go outside the rim to do more for their customers. The goal: Be an expert and grow your own business by growing yourself. Be yourself, but not by yourself with Realty Executives.

It’s easy to find the top agents in the field because Realty Executives stands behind their seasoned agents from the beginning. We can each promote our own accomplishments, just like any business owner would, and Realty Executives is a supportive company. They don’t demand that we show up to sales meetings and seminars, which gives us the opportunity to stay available to serve our clients.